This amazing woman is the reason why I joined my sorority, which has shaped the person I am today. This crazy, beautiful life keeps us apart, yet she still finds ways to inspire me every day.

Butterfly Melanie

Watching this baby pull herself up to standing at 6 months old, before she’s “supposed to” be able to do this, watching her fall down and cry just to forget the failure a second later, and watching her stand up again and again is really inspiring me to fail BIG.

I’m reminded of other times I’ve seen beautiful failure. My friend’s heart broke which led her to move home to pick up the pieces. She took care of herself first and foremost in her own time of need which allowed her to get up quickly to follow her dreams to the other side of the world, and she has never stopped since.

My failures have looked pathetic at times, ugly at others, out of character at some. They’ve been big. They’ve been small. I’ve shared lots and hidden some. I’ve wondered if I was the only one.

The big deal…

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One thought on “Fail BIGGER

  1. mtpaez says:

    Annalise! I’m honored. How could I love you more? You’re so encouraging and uplifting to me. You help me remember to keep going and that I’ve already made a difference. You shine so brightly, my love!


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